posts from churches and spiritual organisations following Rod's demonstrations and services



Published by Pammie Harpur

Thank You Rod Beech, for such a lovely Divine Service last night. Its so lovely to listen to such thought provoking Philosophy and then followed with the evidence from Our Dear Friends from the Spiritualised Worlds. Thank You Rod ... Looking forward to your next visit to Gloucester National Spiritualist Church. 19th Feb 2017

Published by Betty Quinn 

We would like too give a special thank you to the serving Mediums, we have had a beautiful weekend in Cheltenham Spiritualist Church. On Saturday evening we had Rod Beech from Kidderminster excellent messages were given so accurate and compassionate.Cheltenham Spiritualist Church 18th Feb 2017

Published by Susan Sprigg

.thank you Rod for your service to Spirit last night...the prayers address and communication every aspect fitted together beautifully your words gave much to inspire and uplift everyone who attended....thank you to all who attended we look forward to seeing you all again soon...Bromsgrove Spiritualist centre Catshill 22nd Feb 2017

Such a lovely service tonight with Rod Beech. Maureen Pollard read a beautiful poem that was written by a friend, Andrew Dowling, and Rod followed that with an address that was very spiritual and linked nicely with the poem. His clairvoyance was evidential and the whole service just blended together with the hymns. A service really guided by Spirit!

Bedminster Spiritualist Church. Bristol 23rd April 2017