This page contains spirit guidance from my main guide White Hawk and other wise sages. it is changed on a regular basis, enjoy

Words from spirit they were given to me in the middle of the night i trust they are completely correct i feel they are, I hope this can help those nearing the end of this incarnation

Death is just a portal to my journey home.

A journey I know I will not make alone.

I am not afraid of dying

Death is just a step along the pathway

I can never die

my body for this incarnation I just leave behind,

its done its job ,thank you,

I need you no more.

I am going down the road

Me the spirit that I am.

I’ve learned the lessons needed to be learned 

My time, this time on the earth plane is done.

Bless you for growing the way that we grew, 

My time is done its time to move on but not to pastures new

Time to go back home with love relationships to renew. 

I have my tasks, lessons and actions to review

I am not afraid of dying

For I can never die.

So if you are afraid of dying I say 

Oh why, Oh why, Oh why.

Step through that portal with love in your soul

knowing its just one more step towards your eternal goal

Rod Beech May 2017