Rod Beech

International Clairvoyant Medium





All his life Rod has been aware of spirit guiding and protecting him. It was over 15 years ago Rod began to publicly demonstrate his clairvoyant mediumship gift. He openly admits that his life experiences have prepared him for his spiritual journey as he cannot be shown anything by spirit that he has not experienced, witnessed or that he can't cope with.

Rod has given thousands of messages to people in centres and demonstrations all over the world with many returning visits. People are amazed at his accuracy. Rod has served spiritual organisations throughout the UK. In the U.S.A at the prestigious Golden Gate Centre in San Francisco and in Las Vegas, also many venues in mainland Europe.

Working with the world of spirit he provides proof and evidence beyond doubt to the recipients that our loved ones and friends are all around us. His life has completely evolved from finding evidence to providing evidence. One thing that is often said, "spirits use his ability to deliver messages with sufficient humour to lift the spirits of the audience without being egotistical or disrespectful in any way."